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The Perfect Garage Workshop for Hunting and Fishing
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Michael Nokes, 01/08/2019
Hunting and fishing require a lot of gear for anyone that does it on at least a semi-annual basis. According to the U.S. Department of the Interior, there were 11.5 million participants in hunting and 33.1 million participants in fishing in 2016. Given the popularity of the hobby, many garages Continue Reading...
Home Organizer Gift Guide 2018
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Shaelyn Rich, 12/20/2018
Gift-giving is a daunting task. It can be even harder to find a gift for that special person in your life who just wants something practical. That’s when a gift to improve that person’s home will make the perfect gift. The home is an important part of our lives, yet it is often neglected and left Continue Reading...
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Kenny Pedersen, 10/12/2018
Whenever you think about organizing your garage, you probably begin to develop some anxiety and never want to think about it again. Luckily, we have some great tips and tricks for you to make that task just a little easier! These amazing new tips will not only give you a peace of mind when Continue Reading...
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Meghan Harris, 10/04/2018
It’s not uncommon for our garage to become the dumping ground for anything and everything that doesn’t fit perfectly inside the home. Over time, all the “stuff” you’ve been saving adds up and when you finally have time to work on your Pinterest worthy project, you have nowhere to set up. If you Continue Reading...
14 Things that Should Not Be Stored in the Garage
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Michael Nokes, 09/28/2018
The garage is an excellent storage space. It keeps vehicles safe from snow, rain, hail, and other elements that can damage the paint job, or worse. The garage also is the best area to keep your outdoor equipment and tools. However, due to the low insulation and lack of temperature control in the Continue Reading...
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Matthew Adams, 09/26/2018
Today’s garages are more cluttered than ever before. We have reached an age where we have become a hoarder’s nation. We are to the point where I personally know several people unable to park their cars inside their garage because the vehicles no longer fit. Despite this increasing issue, not much Continue Reading...
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Olivia Waddell, 09/14/2018
The first day of Fall is September 22nd. Fall brings cold weather, colorful leaves, holidays and so much more. The transition to a new season is a good time to do some maintenance on your home before it gets too cold and to prevent anything from breaking that could be more costly later on. With Continue Reading...